Thursday, July 19, 2012

White and gold striped sleeves

The more hours I spend looking through Renaissance portraits, the more I come to realise that a pair of white and gold stripey sleeves is de rigeur for my persona.

Here are some lovely examples:

My favourite sitter, Bianca Cappello by Allori -

File:Allori - Bianca Cappello.jpg
Bianca Cappello by Allori -

Bianca Cappello by  Allori or his workshop-

Fontana portrait of Bianca Cappello -  bjws.blogspot.comFile:Alessandro Allori - Portrait of Grand Duchess Bianca Capello de Medici.jpg

Another Allori portrait of Bianca Cappello -

possibly Bianca Cappello -

And, just so this doesn't turn into a Bianca Capello fanpage(!):

Isabella de Medici by Allori -

Possibly Isabella de Medici and her son by Allori (1574 )-

Eleanor of Toledo by Allori -

Portrait of a Venetian Noblewoman by Fasolo -

Portrait of a Noblewoman -

Marie de Medici -

Portrait of A Lady -

Portrait of a Woman Aged 19 years by Gian Paolo Lolmo (c.1580) -

Family Portrait by Lavinia Fontana -

Portrait of a Woman with a Dog by Lavinia Fontana-

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