Thursday, August 15, 2013

IRCC3 - August Update

Well, this final month of the Challenge flew past! I didn't manage to complete much, but I am pleased with what I have achieved.

I have a new adapted gown pattern, and a gown cut out ready to sew.

I have a new adapted coat pattern, and a coat partially sewn.

I have a set of large pockets mostly finished.

I have a terracotta red silk underskirt completed and awaiting some embroidery.

I have a partially sewn chemise.

I have a lovely new feather fan.

Plus all the semi-completed and finished products from the earlier months of the Challenge.

This is much more than I would normally achieve in a year, and more than I thought I could achieve, so I am very happy with my progress. (I will post pictures and details of items as they are finished.)

Best of all, I have really enjoyed learning from and being inspired by the other participants in the Challenge. My confidence has improved and I feel very motivated.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

To Surf Or Not To Surf

As you all know, I tend to work slowly and erratically on projects. And I suffer terribly from that most SCA-ish affliction of wanting to do everything, right now. Obviously, the two tendencies don't really compliment each other. I am wondering if I should just stop surfing the net, and focus on the projects that I already know that I want to do, and leave the distractions for that time when - miraculously- I will be up to date, with free time. Oh no - my internet provider will probably lose so much money that they will go out of business!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monochrome Collar and Cuffs - Shirt Presentation

You might remember that earlier this year I was working on some red monochrome embroidery on linen for a shirt. Well, back in June I had a very nice surprise; my friend had made up the shirt that the embroidery was destined for. She did a great job, and the shirt was presented in court as a surprise gift.

Here are some pictures from my earlier posts about the embroidery:

The pattern from Modelbuch Aller Art

 The finished embroidery

Many thanks to Clair Abrahams for the photo of the completed shirt.

Friday, August 9, 2013

AoA Scroll Blank #1

Recently I have been working on my first scribal assignment; colouring an Award of Arms scroll blank.

The blank was designed by Master Richard de la Croix and is derived from a 1440 manuscript fragment. The blank shows a bastard Gothic hand which was very popular on the continent and in England in the fifteenth century.

I opted for classic red, blue and gold treatments. This excellent book given to me by my sister has been invaluable as a design reference, as it has many close-up pictures of extant manuscript pages in similar styles:

And here is my attempt. Unfortunately the colours really haven't shown up very well on the photos.

(Of course I can't show the name or device or it wouldn't be a surprise!)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Update - August

Despite the lack of postings, I have been consistently working on several projects. Unfortunately, most of them are surprises for other people, so I will have no pictures for you for a little while!