Monday, October 31, 2016


Well, I haven't got everything on my to-do list for other people done, but a couple of weeks ago I DID manage to finish a few items. I will post dress diaries in the future, but for now, here is a picture of three reasonably long standing projects that are now finished.

The green dress is a child's dress with puffy sleeve caps in the Italian style.
The maroon coat is an infant coat (with an embroidered motif) in a generic early period style.
The jerkin and removable sleeves are triple layer to meet SCA fencing protection requirements.
All have a large amount of handsewing with only hidden seams and zigzag edging done by machine.
Lucet cord lacing on the dress and jerkin were made by Heather - many thanks!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ridiculously boring sleeve edging

My smugness at my organisational skills and forward thinking did not last long ;-)
The obvious downside to planning ahead and having a dozen odd new pairs of sleeves cut out waiting to be decorated and sewn is that they (and their linings) all need to be edged for durability. Guess what my sewing time this week will be spent doing?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baronial A&S Cloak

A few months ago I attempted a sewing project that was completely new to me. I volunteered to sew a short cloak  to adorn the Innilgard A&S Champion. I had the heavy combat Champion's cloak  to use as a pattern, which made things a lot easier.

The blue wool was donated by Lord Jarnskeggi. It was lovely to sew. I was lucky to be able to cut the whole cloak from one panel, and I edged it with zigzag stitch. I then sewed white hem tape along the cut edge and used matching white bias tape to make a panel of trim. (Blue and white are SCA Arts and Sciences colours.) Cotton webbing tape was used to make the neck facing and ties. I sewed small falcon bells along the trim line to symbolise the A&S bells which are given to competition winners. Baroness Linet graciously gave up her time to help me finish sewing the little bells on.

 Cutting the cloak panel

The two sizes of bias tape

The cloak was made to a pattern based on cloaks made by Viscountess Ingerith. It is not too heavy and quite comfortable to wear. The little bells make a pleasant jingling noise.

I have yet to get a good photo of  the finished item, but I will soon!

Monday, October 17, 2016

A pile of sleeves to be sewn...

Lately I have been working on projects for other people, teaching, and expanding my range of accessories. I haven't been very well, and just can't face taking on a large project like a new gown (although I could use a couple more.) I have cut out about ten pairs of sleeves in various styles and colours, and plan to gradually work through the pile, decorating and finishing them. A whole pile of new sleeves will certainly expand the look of my wardrobe. I think that this project is more important at the moment than making body linens, so I have changed the focus of my personal Quest to 'accessories' for the next few months.