Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cabochon Necklace Made From Re-purposed Bracelets

As you would know by now, I love quick projects with a lot of impact. And creating jewellery certainly ticks those boxes!
I bought some cabochon bracelets very cheaply at an end of season sale a few years ago, and recently decided to make them into a necklace. 
I had to find some small silver jump rings that I had in the stash, to match the ones that the bracelets came with. Locating the jump rings was the hardest part of the project.

I re-connected the cabochon settings to form a necklace, and added one of the easy-to-do-up clasps that my friend recommended for me, as I have so many issues with my hands.
The colour of the stones varies from wine to purple, depending on the light. I am very pleased with how this quick project turned out, and I think it will go well with sixteenth century Italian and English clothing styles that I wear.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Pelican Embroidery Kits For Elevation Garb

I am very lucky in my SCA group; everyone generally gets on well, and I feel very supported in my roles and activities. I wanted to recognise my group in my upcoming Elevation, but of course couldn't fit everyone into the procession for the ceremony. So I decided to create a motif that people could embroider that could be sewn on to my clothing.

Deciding on a design that would look nice as well as not be too complex was difficult. Some people have extensive embroidery experience, and for others this would be their first attempt at embroidery.

I sketched several designs, but after consulting with my family, picked this one:
I taped the design to the window, and drew it up on cotton broadcloth in pencil many times. I left quite a lot of space around the design because I guessed that a lot of people wouldn't have very small hoops or frames. I then ironed some interfacing onto the back of each design to help keep the tension even and add some stability. 

Next, I wrote up some instructions and added pictures and links. I asked people to use three strands of black DMC floss and to use split stitch.

Then I had to cut all the floss and make up the kits and put them into little bags. This whole project took a surprisingly long time.

I took the kits to my local training for people to take home. Within two days I had the first kits back!
It has been gratifying to see people who have never embroidered before having a go. I am getting quite a pile.
Now I need to make the garb to sew them to!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Necklaces of Glass Beads

I recently made these glass bead necklaces in heraldic colours as a gift for a friend. They are strung on tiger tail and have easy-to-use clasps.