Sunday, December 30, 2018

Blue Plaid Tunic

This over tunic was also completed in October. It is designed to co-ordinate with the black flanelette undertunic posted about below. It is made of a light cotton with a plaid pattern which was chosen by the recipient.

As with the undertunic, it is made to a t-tunic design. I tried to enclose seams and hand sew wherever possible.

Commercial braid has been added over the joins where the sleeves were pieced, and blue bias strips have been added to the neckline and sleeves for decoration. A running stitch in cotton was added on top of the bias strips for extra decoration.

Seeing it on the hanger doesn't do it justice; it looks very nice on the recipient.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Black Flannelette Undertunic

As you may remember, I have been working on a suite of simple tunics for a friend. I finished this undertunic back in October.

My friend requested the traditional SCA style t-tunic as it is what he is used to and likes. I still wanted to try and use techniques that I use on more authentic styles of clothing, so I enclosed seams, hand sewed exposed seams down and used rolled hems where possible. The long seams which wouldn't be seen were machine-sewn and the rest of the sewing was done by hand.

The undertunic is made of cotton flannel, chosen because it is very soft and preferred by the recipient.

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SCA style T-Tunics
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Rolling the neck hem

Measuring the bottom hem in preparation for turning under again. The raw edges were zigzagged where possible to make the garment more durable

Here you can see where the internal seams have been hand-sewed down. The recipient is very tall and has long arms so I needed to piece the sleeves to achieve the required length

I hand-sewed cotton bias strips for a bit of decoration

The completed undertunic with one of the over tunics on top. It looks much nicer on and belted, and with co-ordinating trews