Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year 2018

Hippe nieuwjaarskaart met klinkende champagne glazen in en goud gekleurde look. Met feestelijke confetti en hippe brush letters. Deze kaart is verkrijgbaar bij #kaartje2go voor € 1,89
Happy New Year my friends! It is a time of year for nostalgia, new plans, and motivation.
As usual, my To Do list is huge, my ideas list is even more huge, and my pile of UnFinished Objects has not diminished at all (although the items themselves may have altered). I have had many more projects for other people than usual this year, and most will continue over into the New Year.

I feel that I have had a successful year with what I have achieved in 2017, especially considering the health challenges that I have faced. The Camino del Nobles pilgrimage challenge was especially helpful to me, and I am continuing many aspects of it and continuing to develop personally as well as to refine aspects of my persona. The A&S Century challenge also helped me to focus my energies and form useful habits that have continued after the challenge is over. I feel very blessed with what I have achieved and what I have learned in my historical re-creation/SCA life this year and am looking forward to 2018 with positive anticipation.

I am usually a list maker extraordinaire, and at this time of year I tend to list what I want to achieve in the New Year. It can be disheartening when you get to the end of the year and have not ticked everything off though - especially if the lack of action is due to health problems. So, for 2018, I am writing an open-ended, mixed list. It has no due dates, and contains short and medium term ideas as well as goals. Time will tell if it is a useful tool!

Happy New Year to you all and I hope that it brings good health, contentment and peace, as well as plentiful fabric sales, bountiful crafting energy and inspiring friends and events! Thank you for all your support over another year.