Monday, May 28, 2012

Tidying Up

Since I have been sick I have really just been setting myself little tasks to work on. One was to go through a pile of fabric and miscellaneous articles that have been waiting to be dealt with for more years than I would like to admit! And what did I find? Three chemises and two partlets, all at the 'mostly finished' stage! I am so glad that I got on and did that chore now!

An embroidered partlet waiting to be hemmed and have a ruffle added

This partlet was originally inspired by the following portraits:

Paolo Cavazzola's 'Portrait of a Lady' from 

Ritratto di Gentildonna by Bartolomeo Veneto at 

File:Veneto, Bartolomeo - Portrait of a Lady in a Green Dress - 1530.jpg
Bartolomeo Veneto's 'Portrait of a Lady in a Green Dress' - 1530 from 

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