Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ridiculously boring sleeve edging

My smugness at my organisational skills and forward thinking did not last long ;-)
The obvious downside to planning ahead and having a dozen odd new pairs of sleeves cut out waiting to be decorated and sewn is that they (and their linings) all need to be edged for durability. Guess what my sewing time this week will be spent doing?


  1. To me, the hardest thing is decorating them so they don't all look alike! LOL. I mean, I have a couple of go-to patterns, but that just gets boring. Good luck. I'd offer to loan you a cat to sit in your lap and keep you company if you weren't so far. Ms. Fionna.

  2. Thank you! My little dog would be very put out if you did that though! It really will be difficult to stop them looking like cookie cutter copies in different colours...