Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jasper and Glass Bead Necklace

Here is a necklace I strung recently as a gift for our local Baroness on the occasional of her step down.
The pendant is jasper set in silver and the beads are glass. They are strung on tiger tail wire.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gallery of Soltelties and Confectionery

Here is a gallery of some of the confectionery and soltelties that I have made over the years. Most of these were made from 2001 to 2013. I don't seem to find the time to do sugarcraft as often as I used to.

Marzipan and sugar plate

Sugar plate


Sugar plate for a Mongolian feast

Marzipan and sugar plate

Fruit fool in a sugar plate casing (for a Fool's Feast)

Sugar plate cat with marzipan fish inside

Marzipan fruits with embroidered sweete bag

A "silly bub" in syllabub

Sugar plate

Sugar plate

Sugar plate

Sugar plate

Sugar plate

Sugar plate skulls and marzipan bones


Marzipan fruits

A Yule log made of ''Figye" with a marzipan covering

Marzipan fruits (Pastry horn made by Mistress Leofwynn)

Christmas rose sugarplate

Golden apple (marzipan)

Painted gyngerbrede

A sugarplate dragon on his hoard of sweet delights

More marzipan fruits

A siren (pigeon and marzipan) on a 'sea' of jelly

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Tournament and MOD Elevation

To follow up an emotion packed day, my good friend was being elevated to the Order of Defense the following day. I usually can't manage two events in two days, and I was extremely sore and sorry for myself, but I wouldn't have missed this ceremony for anything. I wore his colours and my fabulous new caul created by the generous and talented Mistress Fionna Goodburne MacNicol of the Midrealm. I have stories to tell about the garb created for this occasion too, but they will have to wait for another day!
I look like I have my eyes shut from smiling but I was having *real* trouble keeping them open!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Pelican Elevation and Vigil

 I haven't posted in almost a month because I have been frantically sewing for my elevation to the SCA Order of the Pelican. I'm delighted to report that the elevation took place on Saturday 29 June, and I actually had new clothes to wear, if not the clothing that I had originally planned!

My vigil had been planned for during the day prior to the feast. A tournament had been planned, but the day before a severe weather warning was issued which meant the tourney was cancelled. Luckily my friends stepped in at the last minute and generously offered their home as a venue. Thank you to Sorcha, Federyc, Linet, Margueritte, Nicolette, Melodia, Steffan, Sharyn and Kate for the venue, foods and all the help and support. The vigil was much smaller than planned due to the last minute change of venue, but did mean that it had more of a party feel and that certainly helped calm my nerves.
Trying out a selfie-stick at the vigil
Sparkly gingerbread biscuits

I had a really nice time at the vigil, and got to relax with friends for a bit before the feast. The time went too fast, and soon we were all departing to get to the feast venue.

The venue was beautifully decorated, and many people that I had not seen for years came to the feast. We were celebrating a Baronial changeover, so it was great to see many guests including past Barons and Baronesses and past Princesses and Princes. The only downside was that I hardly got a chance to chat with anyone because I was organising things, and I also had no appetite due to nerves. Innilgard is renowned for it's feasts and brewing, so this really was a pity.

One of the tables at the feast
The ceremony itself was written for me by talented local herald, previous Landed Baroness of Innilgard and friend, Baroness Annys. She and Lord Gabriel acted as heralds during the ceremony, and friends who are members of the five Peerage Orders spoke words that were very touching and truly humbling. I was honoured to be elevated by a Crown that I truly respect and who endeavour to live out the knightly virtues in their mundane lives as well as their SCA lives. I have never felt so supported and valued by so many people; it was overwhelming and wonderful.
Me cloaked in the Lochac Pelicans' cloak made by the Lochac Worshipful Company of Broderers
Image credit: S. Greig

My friends and banner bearers who helped me so much in the lead up to the event

Being welcomed to the Order by the Crown

Standing with the members of the Order of the Pelican
My heartfelt thanks to everyone near and far who helped, offered support and advice and just sent nice wishes. Thank you!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cabochon Necklace Made From Re-purposed Bracelets

As you would know by now, I love quick projects with a lot of impact. And creating jewellery certainly ticks those boxes!
I bought some cabochon bracelets very cheaply at an end of season sale a few years ago, and recently decided to make them into a necklace. 
I had to find some small silver jump rings that I had in the stash, to match the ones that the bracelets came with. Locating the jump rings was the hardest part of the project.

I re-connected the cabochon settings to form a necklace, and added one of the easy-to-do-up clasps that my friend recommended for me, as I have so many issues with my hands.
The colour of the stones varies from wine to purple, depending on the light. I am very pleased with how this quick project turned out, and I think it will go well with sixteenth century Italian and English clothing styles that I wear.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Pelican Embroidery Kits For Elevation Garb

I am very lucky in my SCA group; everyone generally gets on well, and I feel very supported in my roles and activities. I wanted to recognise my group in my upcoming Elevation, but of course couldn't fit everyone into the procession for the ceremony. So I decided to create a motif that people could embroider that could be sewn on to my clothing.

Deciding on a design that would look nice as well as not be too complex was difficult. Some people have extensive embroidery experience, and for others this would be their first attempt at embroidery.

I sketched several designs, but after consulting with my family, picked this one:
I taped the design to the window, and drew it up on cotton broadcloth in pencil many times. I left quite a lot of space around the design because I guessed that a lot of people wouldn't have very small hoops or frames. I then ironed some interfacing onto the back of each design to help keep the tension even and add some stability. 

Next, I wrote up some instructions and added pictures and links. I asked people to use three strands of black DMC floss and to use split stitch.

Then I had to cut all the floss and make up the kits and put them into little bags. This whole project took a surprisingly long time.

I took the kits to my local training for people to take home. Within two days I had the first kits back!
It has been gratifying to see people who have never embroidered before having a go. I am getting quite a pile.
Now I need to make the garb to sew them to!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Necklaces of Glass Beads

I recently made these glass bead necklaces in heraldic colours as a gift for a friend. They are strung on tiger tail and have easy-to-use clasps.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Gift of Beautiful Silks and Bobbins

I recently received this lovely gift from a friend. I love embroidering with silk and wool on linen, but I usually can't afford those materials, so this was a great surprise. I especially love the beautiful bobbins. They are from Elisabet's Handspun. I'm having a lot of fun deciding which projects to use them on.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums, Step-Mums, Foster Mums, and Fur Mums - and to those for whom this day can be fraught with painful emotions.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Tie-on Sleeves in Plum Cotton Fabric

You may remember that an ongoing project is the creation of a suite of tie-on sleeves to complement my Italian style gowns. The other day I was bed-ridden and I was trying to work on sewing down the inside of the seams on one of the pairs.

The sleeves are cut out and zigzag stitch put along the cut edges. Then the side seam is machine sewn (or hand-sewn if I have the time and manual dexterity, which I usually don't).

Th idea with the inside seam is to press or finger-press the seam open and flat on the inside and sew it down with tiny invisible stitches so that it doesn't bunch or twist with wear.

I'll admit that I was struggling with the project, so I was pretty satisfied when I was done.
  I put the project down to admire my achievement........ and looked closer.....
Yep, those are two right sleeves!
Of course, I noticed this after the seams had been machined and then hand sewed flat. (Eyeroll.)

Friday, May 10, 2019

Lamb-vegetable Device for the Baronial Heraldic Banner

My SCA Barony has a series of banners that display the devices of members with registered arms in chronological order. Over the years I have made a lot of devices for people who can't sew or who don't have the time.
Some of the banners on display at a feast in 2018
I started this device last year; it is one of a pair intended as temporary place holders until the member has time to finish the more complex versions intended for the banner.

I wanted to experiment with texture on this device as the colour scheme is quite simple. I attached the felt plant and coronet shapes with small stitches. The coronet has a cord couched over it for edging and details. The lamb-vegetable plant is embroidered with chain, split and speckling stitches in a variety of white threads. The larger lambs have cream beads added for eyes.
  I added a piece of felt on the back to make the piece stronger.
I'm quite pleased with the finished piece.