Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baronial A&S Cloak

A few months ago I attempted a sewing project that was completely new to me. I volunteered to sew a short cloak  to adorn the Innilgard A&S Champion. I had the heavy combat Champion's cloak  to use as a pattern, which made things a lot easier.

The blue wool was donated by Lord Jarnskeggi. It was lovely to sew. I was lucky to be able to cut the whole cloak from one panel, and I edged it with zigzag stitch. I then sewed white hem tape along the cut edge and used matching white bias tape to make a panel of trim. (Blue and white are SCA Arts and Sciences colours.) Cotton webbing tape was used to make the neck facing and ties. I sewed small falcon bells along the trim line to symbolise the A&S bells which are given to competition winners. Baroness Linet graciously gave up her time to help me finish sewing the little bells on.

 Cutting the cloak panel

The two sizes of bias tape

The cloak was made to a pattern based on cloaks made by Viscountess Ingerith. It is not too heavy and quite comfortable to wear. The little bells make a pleasant jingling noise.

I have yet to get a good photo of  the finished item, but I will soon!

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