Monday, July 2, 2018

Viking Tournament and Magpie-sitting

I went along to a Viking tournament on the weekend. I haven't worn Norse style garb in several years, and I was pleasantly surprised that a) it still fit and b) at how quick and easy it was to put on compared to my Renaissance garb. I was having bad fatigue and a high pain day, and it was also quite cold, so a warm and easy style of clothing really helped me get through the morning.

A friend of mine has a rescue magpie that lives with him and I got to spend time on the day with her. (Actually I monopolised her for as much time as I could during the day!) She is a truly beautiful bird, as well as being good-natured and intelligent. We could all pretend that this post is about a renewed interest in Viking garb, and my plans to make some more early garb for travelling, but really it is all about showing you a picture of my new friend 😉

Photo by Phil Abrahams

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