Saturday, July 21, 2018

15th Birthday Celebrations!

I have previously shared the very upsetting news that my furry helper is slowly deteriorating due to congestive heart disease and kidney disease. Her vet has warned me that I will, in all likelihood, lose her before Christmas, so we are making the most of every day (in a slow and gentle way befitting an elderly lady who can't get too excited at the risk of a heart attack.)

My little friend recently had her 15th Birthday, and of course we had to celebrate.
The part she celebrated most of all was taking off the Birthday t-shirt, which stayed on for less than a minute! But she also did enjoy some special vegetable treats and gifts.

She has been a part of every single project since 2003. In the beginning, her 'help' mainly involved stealing threads, ripping up pattern paper, laying on my fabric and distracting me with requests for games. But over the years she has been my 'fabric inspector' and someone to bounce ideas off of. I honestly can't imagine sewing without her around, it just seems too bleak.

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