Monday, April 2, 2018

Sewing for Newcomers' Month

March was SCA Lochac Newcomers' Month, and as part of the festivities I went to my local College group to teach a basic garb making class. I had a big box of donated fabric scraps and some purchased fabric and unfortunately no attendees as everyone wanted to learn rapier. So I busied myself making some scraps into t-tunics for newcomers. I ran out of time and took some projects home, thinking it would be a quick job. Which it probably would have been if my sewing machine had not decided to break down! I have more to do at a later time when my machine is fixed.
Basic t-tunic pattern from

The pattern above is the basic shape that I cut my fabric pieces into, although I had to piece the sleeves.

Putting all the pieces together

 The tunic was machine sewn with enclosed seams wherever possible for durability.

Hand sewing a narrow rolled hem for the neckline

The finished tunic ready to go back to the College

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