Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SCA Swap and Sell Day

A friend of  mine recently organised a Swap and Sell day at my local A&S training. People brought along old garb, jewellery, half finished projects, unwanted feasting gear, fabric, leather, threads- anything pertaining to the SCA or useful in any way. Wow! What a fun day it turned out to be! People were excited to get a bargain or clear out old bits and pieces. New people and older players stood around chatting about future projects, ideas and failed attempts. Low prices encouraged people to buy resources for attempts at new skills without worrying about wasting too much money if the project didn't work out.  People tried on garb outside their comfort zone and were inspired to try something new. What a great way to get people inspired and talking about the arts and sciences. And get some bargains to boot!

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