Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A&S 100 Challenge - Day 5 - Eyelets

Today I am tackling eyelets on an unfinished front-lacing gown. I struggle with eyelets because I have a lot of pain in my hands and fingers. I tend to put buttonholes off because they hurt so much - so I always have plenty to do.

Why does only the last eyelet ever turn out the way you want it?!


  1. After using the awl to open up the hole, I stick an aluminum knitting needle in the hole and wiggle it around to make it a little bigger. As I'm sewing the eyelet, I stuff the needle back in once in a while if the hole threatens to close back up on me. But yeah, they get better looking as I go. MS Fionna.

  2. I have a wooden knitting needle of the right thickness (that I have shortened) and use the same way!