Sunday, November 6, 2016

New hair billament

This hair billiment project has been on the backburner for months and months because other things keep coming up. I got it finished this week. Not a tricky project, just fiddly, Basically, it is just a whole heap of jewels and jewellery findings sewn onto a band, then lined with grosgrain ribbon to help it stop slipping on the hair. A few wig clips also help. Previously I have angled the base band by putting a little pleat or dart in the centre, but I am trying a simpler technique this time.

Getting a few more accessories done means that I can extend my wardrobe a little without having to make big items like gowns.

I love this band, but the jewels are a little too faceted to be accurate. I really should coat the centre faceted jewel with a few coats of enamel to make it look less faceted. I just haven't found the right colour enamel yet. (And I love the sparkliness!)

This link should take you to a previous post about this type of hair ornament and some Renaissance portraits showing similar styles-

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