Friday, November 4, 2016

Gold caul or Scuffia

Back in June, a friend gave me some gifts wrapped in a fabric remnant. The fabric was really pretty, and I managed to cut a circle caul out of it. There was just enough for the band (I have a big head) and the circular bag part that holds the hair.

I edge the circle shaped bag piece with zig zag stitch to control fraying. I prefer to make the headband part in one strip if I can. This strip is then folded in half and the edges tucked under to give a clean finish.

I put a running stitch evenly around the outside edge of the circle part so that it can be gathered up to fit inside the band. This time I did not gather the part that sits across the top of my head. I was hoping that it would sit flatter, as some of my other cauls have had some strange bagging in that area.

Pull the running stitches up gently to gather the circular piece until it fits inside the headband. Try and make sure that the gathers are sitting evenly and neatly. I like to baste the edges of my headband and also run a line of basting stitches along the middle fold of the headband because it can get a bit hard with all the pins holding everything together at this stage.

The caul all pinned and basted for hand sewing. I hand sew because it is easier to ensure that the pleats are in the correct position. I usually do the outside of the band first and then turn the caul inside out and stitch down the inside of the band too, just to make sure.

Once the band was secured, I carefully removed the basting. I sewed a line of large gold seed beads along the flat top edge of the caul.

I added a comb in the centre of the caul headband, and a wig clip on either side to keep it in place on my hair. I usually put a weight of some sort in the finished caul bag and let it sit for a week or two to set the pleats in place before I wear it.

Many thanks to Nicki for the lovely fabric.

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