Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chemise Adjustments

Last year I made a cotton chemise for the IRCC5. I made it in a bit of a hurry to meet the competition deadline, and planned to add cuffs later. Since then I have worn the chemise quite a bit and never got around to adding the cuffs. I realised that I like the big flowing sleeves for certain events, especially outdoor events when it is hot. After wearing it on the weekend, I decided to add lace on the sleeves. I also took a bit off the bottom because it has no gores and the hem was restricting my walking just a teeny bit. It is now about knee-length. Not quite a mini-dress, but a bit of a shock to the system, when you are used to your chemise being calf or ankle length!

The sleeves prior to adding the lace. The hem is hand sewn.

After the (machine made) cotton bobbin lace has been added. 

The chemise with lace added to the sleeves and the hem shortened.

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