Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sigh of Relief

Well, the big event is over and my health issues held off long enough for me to attend. It was a great success, with my Barony providing beautiful food and a lovely display for our visitors. It was great to meet new friends like Mathias and Arabella, and catch up with old friends like Nicollette. Other old friends who could not attend were there in spirit. I was very proud of the work put in by my Barony, and inspired by the behaviour of the populace. There was so much grace and courtesy, it was beautiful to see. I was honoured (and awed) by the recognition of my peers, and proud of the achievements of the group. It was the sort of wonderful event that maintains your faith in the SCA and the game that we play, and inspires in mundane and SCA life.

Photo credit: R.Roach

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