Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Noble Pilrgimage - Final Update - June

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The Pilgrimage is close to coming to a close, so it is time to reflect on my journey so far.


* Learn a new skill - basic leather work
I have been using my cutlery bag, and  I have cut out two scroll bags which are waiting to be sewn up.

* Improve my illumination skills - practicing with new designs, painting scroll blanks and developing confidence by "doodling" . Several scrolls illuminated in the last two months, plus some original designs underway. Ongoing online challenge for my local group underway and big plans (with Warden Deputy) to get people excited about scribal work and allow them to experiment and develop their skills in a fun workshop environment. I am really enjoying my scribal work.

* Develop my sewing skills
Have finished two dresses (tourney and Court) during this challenge. Also made a new caul and completed an embroidered chemise worked to someone else's design. Made new sleeves. Feeling a lot more confident about sewing (although I doubt that I will ever love it.) Happy with the two new bodice patterns and sleeve pattern that I have developed. I now feel better equipped to deal with issues that come up during garment construction.

* Develop my embroidery skills
New chemise project for a friend complete-  it involved hand hemming and embroidery. Very satisfying. Lots of plans for new projects brewing!

Enter more A&S competitions
I have entered quite a few since this challenge started, and I now feel that I have the confidence to make it a regular thing. I felt very humbled to win the Innilgard A&S Championship which ran over the last year.

Try and blog more regularly
A little variable at the moment because sometimes the item needs to be presented before I can show photos and I always wonder if I am just talking rubbish that people are not interested in.


* Make badge banner and pole for outside events
- delayed as hot weather was making my silk paint set blotchily, banner is half done. Will be finished soon.
* Make a new hall banner
- complete

* Make a new bottle cover, napkin and cutlery pouch
- cutlery pouch complete
- many completed, final one almost finished. I plan to do a couple more for other members of my group.

* New tourney dress
Photo credit: A.Kenner

- complete (need to get a good photo!)

* New feast dress
- complete

* Make more accessories
- complete
Finished new girdle and necklace. Lots of plans for more as this is probably my favourite A&S activity apart from scribal work.

* Work on cutting out slang and mundane talk. Trying hard, but this will be a continual process.
* Try harder to speak nobly. Trying hard, but this will be a continual process.
Read ''The Bard's English'' - completed
* Work on moving more gracefully, and work on posture. Trying hard, but this will be a continual process, especially when I am tired.
* **Continue with existing projects and commitments - ongoing.  I got most of my projects completed in time for the big event. Still working on the WCoB presentation piece and doublet but I am very close. for a friend. Continuing to help with projects and teach. Continuing to administer LCG and organise records, and I am really seeing progress so feeling very positive.


Continue teaching classes ongoing
Continue with regular service projects: device banner, mouse pouches, award cords, Baronial projects, scribe work etc. (Ongoing)
A&S cloak complete (but I need to get a nice photo).

* Run an event (I have had to postpone this as this challenge has made me very aware of my physical weaknesses. Perhaps being involved in a stewarding team capacity is more appropriate.)
* Make Primus Agmen award pouches - did a Mouse Pouch instead and will do PAs now that the big event is over.

Learn the duties of a Lady in Waiting
I recently stepped up down Lady in Waiting to my Baroness. It was a huge step in many ways and I learned so much. I also learned just how much I need to learn. But it was a great opportunity and I gained confidence. I even offered to wait on Her Majesty at the recent Royal visit. My services were not required, but I did feel that being prepared to do it was a huge step for me and a big personal success.
Help people with individual projects
- embroidery project for a friend: complete
- jerkin for a friend- complete
-fencing doublet - almost done
Naturally there are new projects for more people lined up. This is a never ending job, but extremely satisfying.


Continue teaching garb skills - ongoing
Make more effort to chat to newcomers at events and training. Trying hard. I have attended demos and make bigger efforts to make newcomers feel at home. A big achievement for me and I feel very happy with my successes
Try harder to make people feel relaxed, welcome and comfortable
Keeping an eye on newcomers and staying in touch electronically so that they know what to bring to events etc. I feel quite proud of myself for this as it is particularly and continually difficult.
Donate coffee and cake money to charity at least twice a month
- still making regular donations
Make largesse items for Gift Box
- still making jewelery and small items


* Re-read "Knowne World Handbook"
Read The Treasure of the City of Ladies
*  Re-read A&S Handbook 
* Read "At The Court of The Borgia" by Johann Burchard - continuing
Try to learn more about combat
- trying to learn more about rapier and heavy by chatting to fighters and paying more at training, reading social media posts and internet information on this area. Ongoing.
All this information is helping to shape my behaviour, and how I view the game we play.


* Work on shyness and awkwardness - this will be an ongoing consideration, I think.
* Make an effort to speak to people I don't know/well
* Introduce myself to strangers: working on this
* Learn to accept compliments graciously
* Learn to ask for help: I have done this a few times in the last month
* Stop avoiding Peers and Pointy Hats: improving
* Write more recommendations for worthy individuals - ongoing
Write a resume of SCA achievements to help develop confidence within the game
-  done! This started off  slowly and was difficult, but actually turned out to be a pleasant exercise because I decided to add in dates of events and so the resume has also become a sort of timeline. Working on it has been a nice trip down Memory Lane and has reminded me how much my game has improved over the last fifteen years. I would recommend this exercise!
Although ''Courtesy" is probably going to be an ongoing challenge for me, I really feel that I have made big improvements in this area. What I have learned and achieved has really made this Pilgrimage worthwhile and made me enjoy my SCA time more.

I have found that being accountable to the group of Pilgrims has worked really well for me, so I am going to set myself a new Quest at the end of the Pilgrimage. Hopefully that will help me to continue with small improvements and successes.

There are several ladies within the SCA who continuously inspire me with every aspect of the way they behave and present themselves. I am lucky that one of these ladies is in my local group, and she has (and will continue to be) a good reminder of the behaviour and style that I aspire to.

I would like to thank the organisers and Wardens for the opportunity to be part of the Pilgrimage. It has been a great motivator for me, and I have enjoyed being part of a wider group of Lochacians working towards similar goals. I did not think I would be as successful as I have been, and I feel that I have achieved my goals (often in trying circumstances.) The Pilgrimage has encouraged me to focus on the finer aspects of the SCA and reminded me of why I enjoy it so much. I feel inspired to continue on some sort of similar journey to help me to build on the successes that I have already achieved through the Pilgrimage.


  1. Huzzah! Well done! I've enjoyed watching your progress.