Monday, June 13, 2016

Busy times

Well, things have been hectic since I  last posted! Health and computer problems certainly haven't helped matters, and I have been busy with study and preparing for my Barony's big anniversary event - which is now less than a week away. I have mainly been desperately trying to get scribal work finished and working on projects for other people. Most of that is done now, so I have less than a week to sort my own garb out. Luckily, the tourney dress that I previously almost finished just needs to be hemmed and have hooks and eyes attached. Hopefully I will find time to finish the court gown that I was experimenting with as part of my Pilgrimage challenge.

I have also been making some largesse items. Here are a couple of necklaces that I made that have small mistakes - so will now end up in my jewellery box.

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