Saturday, April 11, 2015

War Cloak Panels

In the last couple of months I have been honoured to be involved in working some motifs for a War Cloak which was designed by my talented Baroness and presented on behalf of my Barony. This project involved a steep learning curve as I had to learn new skills and techniques with the pressure of a rapidly approaching deadline.

The theme of the project was gold and treasure and I supplemented the beautifully worked pieces done by Countess Sir Eva von Danzig (embroidery on the apples and fleece, appliqué and couching of the sun in splendor) with a golden grail, golden spurs and golden owl. I also added the filler motifs.

There are a variety of metallic gold threads and purl that have been couched down. The black cotton has been worked in split stitch. There are also metal findings and gold Madeira silk.

The end result is beautifully shiny and sparkling, and I am now a bit addicted to goldwork. I plan to learn more about it in the future and develop my skills in this area.

My favourite motif was the adorable little Golden Fleece worked by Countess Sir Eva:

She also worked the beautiful Golden Apples and conceived of, designed and created the cloak. She was assisted by Viscountess Ingerith Ryzka who patiently couched gold on the lettering. Materials were also donated by Mistress Ingerith and Lady Ursula von Memmingen.
The cloak was presented by the Crown to Master Hanbal al-Barbari for his heroic efforts in leading the Kahn’s army at Rowany Festival 2015

I hope to have some pictures of the completed cloak to show soon!

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