Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge 5

Today is the first day of the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge for 2015. I have entered for the last couple of years, although I have never completed a full outfit in the allocated time (mainly due to my health issues.) That doesn't worry me at all. For me, the challenge is about developing my skills, and (hopefully) finishing a couple of items. I really enjoy seeing what the other participants do; it is a fabulous and fun way to learn new things and find new ways of seeing things.

I am at a point with my SCA garb where a lot of things are wearing out. I particularly need some new smocks and chemises, so this will be a priority during the challenge. I have lots of one and two metre pieces of fabric in my stash, so I am going to try and piece a chemise together from them. I also plan to make a new tourney dress and a coat.

More information on the challenge can be found at:

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