Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Red floral collar and cuff set

Here is another one of the projects that I worked on for friends. This time it is a maroon floral embroidery design on linen.

The pattern book that I used for this design. It is an excellent reference for band patterns.

Plate 13 from 1527, showing the pattern that I adapted on the left

This design was executed in double running stitch, with two strands of DMC cotton floss. I have done this design before on a partlet in black and gold, (see entry for Collarless Italian Partlet, January 2012) but I like the monochrome effect much more.

My favourite part of the process! Rinsing the  finished embroidery and the design looks so bright and fresh!

The completed design. These pieces took approximately fifty hours to work, including drawing and tracing the designs.

The finished pieces ironed and waiting to be made into collar and cuffs.

Portrait of a young Woman, Albrecht Altdorfer
The design reminded me a bit of the embroidery on the chemise of Aldorfer's Young Woman (in Portrait of a Young Woman). It is conceivable that we used the same pattern!
Image from: http://www.museothyssen.org/en/thyssen/ficha_obra/814

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