Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elizabethan Coif Pattern

Here is an embroidery design that I was playing with over the Christmas break. I know I don't actually need a new Elizabethan coif, and my 'to do/finish' pile is huge, but there is something infinitely more appealing about starting an exciting new project than working on something that has been dragging on for months! Plus, I think I like designing more than actual embroidering.

I definitely need to tweak the coif body pattern to suit my face a bit better, and you can see that there are gaps where I need to add motifs. But it has potential! I still need to decide whether to work it in monochrome or polychrome non-counted embroidery.


  1. Agreed, it is much more satisfying to start another smaller project in between large projects so one feels the satisfaction and pride of the finished product. I myself have several knitting projects collecting dust since I decided I needed a couple of good ren faire ensembles. Any chance you have the Elizabethan coif pattern handy and would be willing to share? Good luck and happy crafting.

  2. I would be happy to share. Are you after the basic pattern shape or an embroidery design? If you are after a basic coif pattern, I would recommend trying it out in a cheap fabric and adjusting to suit your face and hair style because the size of the tab parts over the ears and the front point can make all the difference to how it looks.

  3. Hi Fionn
    Just trawling for Elizabethan stitches and have com across your blog, it's brilliant, I really love your coif pattern, the embroidery design is beautiful.

  4. Thanks so much Sharon, you are very kind!