Monday, March 26, 2012

Elizabethan coat ideas

Here are some ideas for the other option that I am considering for my upcoming event - Elizabethan coats or 'frocks'. The advantages with this option are that I have several that are mostly finished, I am familiar with construction techniques, I have ironed out the kinks in my pattern, I have completed loose under-kirtles that are ready to wear, and I can make a low-necked version to help keep me cool. The disadvantage is that I really need to wear a hoop to make this style look it's best on me, and that is not a hugely practical option.

I absolutely love this one below from,Mildred(BBurghley)01.jpg One day I would like to make a complete outfit based on this portrait.


Catherine Carey 1562 - 

Hans Eworth's Portrait of An Unknown Lady c 1565 -

Portrait of Katherine Parr -

File:Bess of Hardwick as Mistress St Lo.jpg
Portrait of Bess of Hardwick as Mistress St Lo (1550s) - 

Portrait of Elizabeth Benlowes 1569  -

Portrait of Mary Hill (1567) - kate

Portrait of Anne Russell, Countess of Warwick (c 1565) -

Portrait of An Unknown Lady (1567) -


Anne Browne, Lady Petre (1567) -

Mary Throckmorton, Lady Scudamore (1615) -

Portrait of Lady Dacre by Hans Eworth (1547) -

Portrait of Theophila, wife of third Earl of Worcester (1567) -

Portrait of the family of Lord Cobham -

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