Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2016 Projects In Review

It can be a bit disheartening when you are not well and feel like you never finish anything. So I decided to compile a bit of a list of the projects that I completed last year. It certainly is a helpful tool to make me feel better about the state of my ''to-do'' list. I will try to keep a running record this year as well, so I don't forget that I am making progress, even if not as fast or as far as I would like.

A range of necklaces to use as largesse and gifts - as well as some for myself

A new girdle of porcelain and glass beads

A small heraldic device for a friend to use on a cloak

A large indoor wall hanging with applique and embroidery on velveteen

An embroidered napkin

My first attempt at leatherwork; a cutlery pouch

A handsewn linen chemise with embroidered knightly virtues on the neckband and embroidered cuffs
(Hemming by Baroness Linet atte Falcon's Nest)

A large number (12+) of scroll illuminations - most of which cannot be shown as have not been presented yet
(Calligraphy by Lord Derek of Innilgard)

New striped tie on sleeves

Embroidered Mouse Guard pouch

Velveteen caul

Participation in the Innilgard Girdle Book project

Creation of the Innilgard Championship Cloak

Embroidery on a hand made napkin (made by someone else, embroidered by me)

A new front lacing tourney dress

Another heraldic device for the Innilgard device banners

Design and illumination of 'Households of Innilgard' scroll (Calligraphy by Lord Derek of Innilgard)

A new front lacing court dress

Participation in the Innilgard tablecloth project (doing background patterns of grape leaves and borders)

Another heraldic device for the Innilgard device banners

New billament

A man's fencing doublet with removable sleeves
A child's Italian style dress with hand sewn pintucks

Another heraldic device for the Innilgard device banners
A heraldic token embroidered in split stitch

A Viking style tunic for an infant (with split stitch embroidery motif)
A new forepart for front opening dresses

Another heraldic device for the Innilgard device banners

Alcoholic liquors

More heraldic devices for the Innilgard device banners

Two entirely hand sewn Roman tunicas

Another embroidered napkin

First attempts at narrow band weaving and hand-making spangles

Two more cauls

I am sure that I have left some items out, and I never did find time to write up the dress diaries for the garments. I will try to work on that in 2017. Although my unfinished item and to-do lists are as big as ever, I do feel that I have improved in terms of prowess and franchise. I will continue to strive to improve all aspects of my SCA game this year. 

Projects for this year include another Roman tunica, some new camicias/smocks, a new tourney dress (or two), continuing service to my Barony/Kingdom and helping other people with projects, and working on reducing the Unfinished Items pile.


  1. Um, yeah. You did A LOT last year. Hurray! But tell me more about the spangles. You snuck that in there. Tell me more! Ms Fionna

  2. LOL yeah it was a couple of things! I will have to do a proper post about my spangle experiments. I am not finished, still more to do and more to try. But I needed a break - that thin metal is SHARP!