Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Noble Pilgrimage- Franchise Project

As part of the Franchise (possession of noble bearing) aspect of my personal Pilgrimage challenge, I am working on improving the look of my garb and accoutrements. My feasting gear is a bit of a hodge-podge of thrift shop finds, mainly because my funds are very limited and also because I tend to be a little rough on my feasting gear and I only trust robust wood and metal items to stay in one piece!

I felt that it would be good to make some more embroidered cloths and napkins. I do have a few, and they are so handy for keeping flies off the food at outdoor events as well as using as a napkin. I would like to complete a few more (in varying styles and colours) before the Pilgrimage ends. I have just completed the first one, a cotton napkin embroidered with my heraldic device in split and double running stitches.

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