Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pomander Bead Necklace

When I was on holiday in July I picked up some treasures in the local junk shop.

Only a couple of weeks before I had been looking at the jewellery of this lady; particularly her billiment and pomander bead necklace. I was wondering where I could buy such a thing. I have a single bead like the etched ones in the portrait, but I had found that years ago and couldn't source any more, so I thought I would never get a necklace like this. I also thought that the chances of finding a pomander bead holder was very remote.

16th Century Portrait of a Lady by the Florentine School, sold by Soethbys
Image from Pinterest
Walking past the junk shop, I saw this necklace hanging in the window and literally did a double-take like a cartoon character. I rushed into the shop and purchased it - for $4! I also got a brooch and the little earrings. The people in the junk shop must be getting quite used to me doing a happy dance on the footpath when I walk out of their shop!
Making up the necklace -
I used plain gold beads because I couldn't find etched glass ones. I also used more pearls in my version than the one in the picture because I don't think the orange-gold beads are very flattering to my skin tone and I want to be able to wear the necklace with bodices as well as doublets. The pearls are baroque freshwater pearls and they are strung on gold tiger tail wire for durability. I took off the little heart and wire tassels and hung a synthetic pearl drop from the pomander bead ball instead of a round one because it looked nicer.

The completed necklace
 I have made pomander pellets and balls in the past, but will probably use a perfume oil on cotton with this bead instead because the bead is quite small.

This silk that I found on special is the perfect colour match for the lady's top, but I could only get a couple of metres. Probably enough for a doublet and sleeves, but not a skirt to match.

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