Sunday, June 1, 2014

New necklace

Today is the first day of The Fourth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge
( I am very enthusiastic about the challenge, but I have had a really nasty virus for the last couple of days which is making me extremely tired and miserable. Just so I could have the satisfaction of imagining that I started the challenge in the way in which I want to continue, I spent twenty minutes or so beading a new necklace in my heraldic colours. The purple beads are glass, and the pearl beads are baroque freshwater pearls. The beads are strung on tiger-tail beading wire, which I like for its strength and durability. All from stash, too.

Pearls go with any sixteenth century ensemble, so will be useful for the styles that I usually wear; mainly English and Italian.

Now, back to bed for me!

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