Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Jewelled Headband

Recently, I completed another jewelled billiment/headband for use with my Italian SCA clothes.
This was made in a similar way to the last one, except that I used grosgrain ribbon on the back rather than velvet ribbon. It will be interesting to see whether it holds onto the hair better. Also, I added tiny delica glass seed beads around the outside edges. These may catch in the hair, making placement and removal difficult. The 'jewels' are made from elements of a bracelet and some jewellery making findings that I got from Spotlight ornamented with glass seed beads.

Sewing the wig clip to the grosgrain ribbon before sewing the ribbon to the velvet

The finished band:

Portrait of Isotta Grumelli by Moroni
image from:

File:Follower of Francesco Salviati del Rossi Portrait of a Lady.jpg
Portrait of a Lady by A Follower of Francesco Salviati del Rossi
image from:

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