Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Third Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

I have joined the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge 3. In the past, I have taken part in two of the 'mini-challenges', but I have never taken part in one of the major challenges before. Signing up for the competition seems absolutely crazy to me; I dislike machine sewing, and I have health problems that severely restrict normal everyday activities. However, I love pretty garb, and I like a challenge! I am hoping that being part of the challenge will focus my concentration on a particular garment for long enough to get it finished.

In the first week of the challenge, I was away so was unable to do more than cut out a partlet. I have been hand sewing hems and adding lace to the partlet, but it is not yet finished. I have also been pottering with patterns. To be honest, finishing other projects, like the blue dress and gifts for friends, has been more of a priority than the competition. But I now feel like I can give it more attention. This week I made a pearl and gold girdle, as part of the 'accessories' component of the competition. I am pleased with it, and it goes well with the blue drill gown.

Although this shot was taken with the blue dress hanging rather than being worn, I think the new girdle goes really well with it.

See the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge 3 here

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