Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rapier Coif

I have been consistently busy for the last few weeks, working on projects (mainly) for other people. Here is another item that I have finally finished (huzzah!)  - a rapier coif for a friend.

Yes, that is an embroidery frame holder serving as a head mannikin. It is a very long coif!

This has been one of those projects that just went wrong at every turn. It has four layers, and all the layers needed to have the seams sewn open to reduce bulk. I whipped the layers together and hand sewed all the bias down. One of the many exciting problems that arose during construction was the bias strip join splitting. Naturally, this happened right at the end of the project! I normally make my own bias, and if I am caught short and have to purchase pre-made bias, I check that the joins are sewn rather than glued. I don't know how this bias slipped through, but slip through it did. I was so disappointed; I had to darn the split and then I added another small piece over for strength.

I am relieved that this one is done, and reasonably pleased with how it turned out.

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