Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Decorated coat ideas

I recently saw some photos of myself in garb at an event and decided that I want another outer coat. The hard part is deciding what style. At this stage, I am thinking loose and 3/4 length; possibly with hanging sleeves, and heavy on the decoration. It also needs to work with Elizabethan and Italian styles.

I put together some pictures that have inspirational trim/decoration:

from: bjws.blogspot.com


Eleanor of Toledo by Allesandro Allori, c.1560, image provided by Jon.
ffrom: elizabethan-portraits.com
from: wikipaintings.org

from: lib-art.com

Mary Martyn from A Who's Who of Tudor Women
from: craftster.org

from: lesderniersvalois.com
Titian's La Bella from  online.wsj.com

from: tudorplace.com.ar
from: tudorplace.com.ar

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