Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blue dress update

I have done most of the hand sewing of the blue dress bodice. I stab stitched the bodice pieces together and then whipped the edges. I also stab stitched and reinforced the seams. I have one armhole to finish and then I will post photos.

Now I am ready to make the bias binding to decorate the bodice, and decide on what I am going to do about the lacing.

My inspiration portraits have hidden lacing.

St Ursula (also known as Woman with a book) by Carpaccio-            

Portrait of a Lady by Carpaccio c. 1495 -

But I have a large bust, so I am thinking that I might be better served by eyelet holes for extra strength. I do have some lovely lacing rings for a front opening bodice, but I am not sure they will be strong enough.

There are many examples of front lacing dresses from Italy and surrounds that would work:

Portrait of a a Girl With Cherries by Circle of Leonardo c.1491-95 -
(See also

Ghirlandaio's Portrait of a Lady -
Portrait of Constanza Caetani by Fra  Bartolomeo c. 1489-90 from
Portrait of a Woman, by Domenico Ghirlandaio
Ghirlandaio's Portrait of A Woman -

I am thinking that this type of lacing (below) will add strength and be unobtrusive. I hope the horizontal lines won't ruin the look of the gold bias decoration.
Portrait of a Young Woman by Ghirlandaio c 14885 - 

Portrait of a Girl by Ghirlandaio c. 1490 - from

Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni by Ghirlandaio-    from

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