Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue dress ideas /

I have been looking hard at the two pictures I posted recently which are the inspiration for the new blue dress. It looks to me that, in the St Ursula one at least (left), the large pearls are attached to the underdress or chemise.

I like the decoration, I am just not sure that I want to be restricted to wearing a particular chemise with that specific dress. I think I will have to pull out my stash of pearl beads and see how it will look if I add a line of pearls to the top of the bodice itself. There are lots of examples of similar dresses from similar times in Italy with pearl decoration, so I have a bit of lee-way. (I don't want to make an exact replica of the St Ursula dress.) If you look closely at the two portraits, there are big differences between the way the artists have drawn the layers of clothing.

Here are some more paintings that I have been looking to for inspiration:

Portrait of a Lady by Neroccio de Landi -

Carpaccio's 'Meeting of the Betrothed Couple' (1495) -

Carpaccio's 'Meeting of the Betrothed Couple' (1495) -

Portrait of Catharina Corano, Queen of Cyprus (1500)-

It's time to start thinking about sleeves and hair accessories too.

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