Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Collarless Partlet with Gold Embroidery

Today's pictures are of a cotton collarless partlet that I made. It was inspired by this portrait of 'A Woman with a Heron' by the Veronese School.

Circle of Veronese Portrait of a Woman with a Heron

The pattern is an adaptation of one of my favourite scrolling floral designs and is worked in DMC cotton floss. You will find variations of this design in most sixteenth century pattern books including Modelbuch Aller Art.

The design is worked mainly in stem stitch, with some seeding stitches and knots. All visible seams are handsewn, as is the purchased lace trim.

Collarless partlets and partlets with a very small collar at the back can be seen in many sixteenth century Italian portraits:
Bernardino Licinio Portrait of a Family
Portrait of a Family by Licinio

File:Bernardino Licinio - Portrait of Arrigo Licinio and His Family - WGA12984.jpg
Portrait of Arrigo Licinio and his Family by Bernardino Licinio

Portrait of a Lady in White - Titian
Portrait of a Lady in White by Titian (1555)

Portrait of a Woman by Veronese (1560s)

Titian - Portrait of Titian's Daughter Lavinia - Renaissance (High Italian, "Cinquecento") - Oil on canvas - Portrait - Alte Meister Galerie - Der Zwinger - Dresden, Germany
Portrait of Titian's daughter Lavinia by Titian Portrait of a Venetian Woman by Paolo Veronese 

File:Veneto, Bartolomeo - Portrait of a Lady in a Green Dress - 1530.jpg

The partlet pattern was adapted from one made many years ago at a partlet workshop held by THL Katerina da Brescia. You can see her research here:

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