Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Medieval Faire 2018

Every year, my SCA group does a display at a local Medieval Faire. It is a fun event, with a wide range of displays and activities. It includes displays by many local living history and re-enactment groups.

I can't spend as much time helping out at the event as I would like due to my health issues, but I do try to spend time at the A&S display tent working on handcrafts such as embroidery and talking to visitors about the social customs, clothing and crafts of the sixteenth century. It is always an exhausting day, but also very motivating because I come home inspired to finish projects and start new items for display.
Some of the heavy fighters in my group putting on a demonstration

My friend Mistress Anna looking gorgeous and sitting in front of some of my embroideries
I finally finished off this dress that I started in 2013, and got my photo taken with a beautiful falcon

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