Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another Device for Banner Project

I recently completed another banner for our local SCA populace banner project. It is made of felt with embroidered details and goldwork and beads. I sewed the yellow shield shape to the black base, then cut out the black seraphim shape and added it to the yellow shield. I embroidered the details and couched down a gold cord for highlights.The beads on the halo are gold alloy jewellery crimps.

Here are the finished device banners. Not all the devices have been made by me- many others in the Barony have contributed to this project (which has been running for about sixteen years.) The banners are designed to record the devices of the members of the Barony in the order in which they were registered with the College of Heralds. The devices are created in a range of fabrics and using a variety of techniques.

 Banner 4

Banner 5 (current)

 Banner 1

Banner 2 (I got involved in the project at this point)

Banner 3

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