Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Noble Pilgrimage - February Update

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Time for an update on how the Pilgrimage challenge has been going.
It has been a busy month. I have been sick, and there has been lots of plodding along and not much being actually finished. These sorts of months can be discouraging and I try to remember that soon I will get to a stage where, with just a little bit more effort (and better health), I will start seeing a lot of things successfully completed.

I have also had two garbed events recently; it has been nice to get back into the swing of regular SCA events again.

I have had to let people know that I can't accept any new projects prior to July 2016, because I have too much on my plate now and I am starting to feel quite stressed, especially after losing so much time to illness.


* Learn a new skill - basic leather work
Last month I completed my cutlery bag for feasts. I have cut out a bag to hold scrolls in, but have not yet had time to sew it up.

* Improve my illumination skills - practicing with new designs, painting scroll blanks and developing confidence by "doodling" . I have also completed another AoA blank (illumination only) and have almost completed the next couple of assignments.

* Develop my sewing skills
I am trying new ways of bodice construction and have started a couple of new bodices in different sewing styles. I am also learning more about men's clothing and am making a doublet for a new fencer in our group. Very challenging!

* Develop my embroidery skills
New chemise project for a friend underway, it involves hand hemming, embroidery and a first attempt at insertion stitch.

* Enter more A&S competitions
Siege warfare research and recipe redactions were submitted and well received. This area may have to take a back seat from now on as I have many things for other people to complete and which will take priority over my own interests and projects.

* Try and blog more regularly


* Make badge banner and pole for outside events
- underway
* Make a new hall banner
- underway

* Make a new bottle cover, napkin and cutlery pouch
- cutlery pouch complete
- one napkin complete, 2 more underway.

* New tourney dress
- begun
* New feast dress
-planning complete and materials assembled. Pattern needs to be adapted. I won't start this project until I am more up to date with my other projects, especially items for other people. They take priority.
* Make more accessories
Some sleeves and new headwear- hopefully- if I don't run out of time and energy before the project ends. This challenge is taking a lot out of me.

* Work on cutting out slang and mundane talk
* Try harder to speak nobly
* Read ''The Bard's English'' - completed
* Work on moving more gracefully, and work on posture
* **Continue with existing projects and commitments - ongoing. Completed a scroll personalisation, illumination on 3 AoA scrolls, embroidered napkin for a friend, WCoB presentation piece, finished a banner device, working on tablecloth project, continuing to help with projects and teach.
Completed this month:


* Continue teaching classes
* Continue with regular service projects: device banner, mouse pouches, award cords, Baronial projects, scribe work etc.
* Run an event (not sure if I will be able to do this prior to July as the event schedule is very full. May have to hold it later in the year.)
* Make Primus Agmen award pouches
* Learn the duties of a Lady in Waiting
I recently stepped up as Lady in Waiting to my Baroness. What a huge step. )I didn't actually die from terror or fall over in court [YET] so I think that is a very promising start!)
* Help people with individual projects
- embroidery project for a friend: complete
- jerkin for a friend- underway
-fencing doublet - underway


* Continue teaching garb skills
* Make more effort to chat to newcomers at events and training
* Try harder to make people feel relaxed, welcome and comfortable
Keeping an eye on newcomers and staying in touch electronically so that they know what to bring to events etc.
* Donate coffee and cake money to charity at least twice a month
- making regular donations
* Make largesse items for Gift Box
- making more jewelery


* Re-read Knowne World Handbook
* Read The Treasure of the City of Ladies
I must admit, this one is hard going- especially when there are so many tempting books from the period to read
*  Re-read A&S Handbook - done
* Read "At The Court of The Borgia" by Johann Burchard - underway
* Try to learn more about combat
- trying to learn more about rapier and heavy by chatting to fighters and paying more at training, reading social media posts and internet information on this area


* Work on shyness and awkwardness - this will be an ongoing consideration, I think.
* Make an effort to speak to people I don't know/well
* Introduce myself to strangers: working on this
* Learn to accept compliments graciously
* Learn to ask for help: I have done this a few times in the last month
* Stop avoiding Peers and Pointy Hats: working on this
* Write more recommendations for worthy individuals
* Write a resume of SCA achievements to help develop confidence within the game
- almost done!

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