Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Noble Pilgrimage - January Update

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Time for an update on how the Pilgrimage challenge has been going.

Like everyone, I have a lot of other SCA responsibilities that I had already committed to and which take up a lot of time. These include re-jigging the Cooks' Guild records and website, running classes, local scribal warden, local A&S deputy, and contributing to group projects including making devices for our device banner and working on the Innilgard tablecloth project. Of course I will continue with these projects and they will take priority over my Pilgrimage projects.
I have been playing for quite a long time so I have a lot of the basic equipment sorted. I need to work on the extra details and not being sloppy due to overfamiliarity. I have an illness which impacts on my time, energy and finances, and I can't travel. I will be doing the challenge ''in spirit'' but will be unable to attend the events. This list might seem really easy for regular people but represents a huge challenge for me.

Here is my list of goals for the Pilgrimage:


* Learn a new skill - basic leather work

* Improve my illumination skills - practicing with new designs, painting scroll blanks and developing confidence by "doodling" 

* Develop my sewing skills
- try new ways of bodice construction

Bodice edged with bias and unlined for summer (in progress)

* Develop my embroidery skills
* Enter more A&S competitions
- viking saga poem
- siege warfare research
- recipe redaction
* Try and blog more regularly

* Make badge banner and pole for outside events
* Make a new hall banner

* Make a new bottle cover, napkin and cutlery pouch
- cutlery pouch complete
- one napkin complete

* New tourney dress
- begun
* New feast dress
* Make more accessories
new girdle

new necklace

* Work on cutting out slang and mundane talk
* Try harder to speak nobly
* Read ''The Bard's English'' - completed
* Work on moving more gracefully
* Continue with existing projects and commitments - ongoing. Completed a scroll personalisation, illumination on 3 AoA scrolls, embroidered napkin for a friend, WCoB presentation piece, finished a banner device, working on tablecloth project

* Continue teaching classes
* Continue with regular service projects: device banner, mouse pouches, award cords, Baronial projects, scribe work etc.
* Run an event
* Make Primus Agmen award pouches
* Learn the duties of a Lady in Waiting
* Help people with individual projects
- embroidery project for a friend: design started

* Continue teaching garb skills
* Make more effort to chat to newcomers at events and training
* Try harder to make people feel relaxed, welcome and comfortable
* Donate coffee and cake money to charity at least twice a month
- 6 donations recently
* Make largesse items for Gift Box
- made several jewellery items this month

* Re-read Knowne World Handbook

* Read The Treasure of the City of Ladies 

*  Re-read A&S Handbook
* Read "At The Court of The Borgia" by Johann Burchard
* Try to learn more about combat
-  watched an introduction to heavy session with one of our talented local fighters

* Work on shyness and awkwardness
* Make an effort to speak to people I don't know/well
* Introduce myself to strangers
* Learn to accept compliments graciously
* Learn to ask for help
* Stop avoiding Peers and Pointy Hats
* Write more recommendations for worthy individuals
- I have written 3 recommendations recently

* Write a resume of SCA achievements to help develop confidence within the game
- I have started to write a list of my achievements and roles in the SCA


  1. No need to avoid peers. We don't bite. Most of us are actually pretty nice once you get to know us. ;) Mistress Fionna

  2. :-) I know, I know; it's crazy! I think it might just be lack of confidence....

  3. I sent you an email--have you seen it? Maybe I can be your practice peer. Remember, we all were once newbies, too.
    Mistress Fionna

    1. No, it hasn't come in. But that would be wonderful, and it is very gracious of you to offer. Thank you :-)

    2. I sent it to the address in your profile. If you care to send me a test message, please send it to kgoodburne@yahoo.com. Oh, and I have ulterior motives. :) We laurels always do. LOL.