Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ancient Roman-style Earrings Make a Comeback in Renaissance Italy

Well, look what I spotted in this portrait. Ancient Roman style earrings!

Portrait of a Lady by a Follower of Bronzino
Image from: http://www.li.ru/interface//pda/?jid=4199753&pid=357459728

Some Faiyum Mummy Portraits-

Image from: http://www.vroma.org/images/mcmanus_images/fayum6.jpg

Image from: http://images.rom.on.ca/public/index.php?function=image&action=simpledetail&image_name=ROM2004_1017_17

Image from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/342977327847430803/

I decided to make some to go with the necklace I strung recently.

The gold glass beads were threaded onto small gold wire headpins. I only used one bead (as opposed to two or three as in the photo) because I didn't want the earrings to be too long.

I bent the headpin around a metal knitting needle to get the right size loop. Then I adjusted the loop with jewellery pliers.

I originally planned to use these earring hooks as they are closer to what was worn in the Renaissance, but the earrings didn't sit properly when attached to them.

The finished earrings

The completed set.

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