Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Brown Velvet Padded Roll Italian Hat

You may remember that I recently made a padded roll style hat
( I had another on the go since last year that I originally intended to be a covered balzo, but it was so comfortable as a roll that I decided not to add the covering piece.

It is a tube of brown velveteen stuffed with Fibrefill. In period, rags, sawdust or horsehair would probably have been used, but Fibrefill is readily available and light to wear. Braid and velvet ribbon have been stitched to the roll, and two metal discs have been sewn on the front and anchored with beads. I sewed baroque freshwater pearls onto the velvet ribbon; white on the front and pale green on the sides.

All it needs now is another piece of velvet ribbon to cover the seam at the back.

Some examples of similar headwear:

Portrait of a Woman and Child by Paris Bordone
(This may be a Balzo)
Image from:

 Rolls and braids
Image from:

Maestro Palanquinos, h.1490-1500, Art Instute of Chicago, EEUU (detalle). Las tentaciones de San Antonio, anĂ³nimo, h. 1480, subasta (detalle)
Picture by Maestro Palanquinos c. 1480
Image from:

Unattributed Image from ppp. 10-11 in "What Life Was Like At The Rebirth of Genius" by Time Life Books, ISBN: 0-7835 5461-3

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