Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blue and Silver Roman Earrings

As I mentioned in the last post, I will soon need a Roman outfit. I love making accessories (especially jewellery) because it provides almost instant impact for an outfit, and is usually relatively fast. Today I made a pair of earrings up in the Roman style. The findings are silver, and the stones are natural gemstones marketed as 'blue tiger's eye'. I used short silver eye hooks and end bars to make the earrings.

I use the little eye hook to bend the end of the eye hook around to make a neat loop.

The open end of the loop is threaded onto one of the holes on the bottom of the end bar and closed over.

When all the beaded eye hooks were attached, I added the earring hooks.

I also made up a simple string of blue glass beads to go with the earrings. The beads are strung on tiger tail wire and secured with crimps.

Although the beads are not all the same shade of blue, I think they make a nice set:

This jewellery was inspired by the Fayum mummy portraits, especially this image-


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