Friday, January 3, 2014

New Juliet Cap

You may remember that I made a 'Juliet cap' some time ago to go with my early Italian Renaissance gowns.

I was very happy with how the original cap looked, but never 100% happy with how it fit my head. So, in October I played around with the original pattern and decided to make a new Juliet cap  to go with my black and purple un-corseted Italian style tourney dress.

The new cap was made of a scrap of black drill leftover from the dress, and a remnant of cotton for lining. Purple gimp braid was hand-sewn down and ornamented with small green-gold delica seed beads.
Wig clips were added so that I could hold the cap on without the need for ties or pins.

The finished cap

I was really very happy with this hat when I finished it. I like the way the delicate delica beads caught the light, giving a subtle sparkle. I really like using wig clips on hats so that I don't need to resort to uncomfortable ties. 
Unfortunately, the new design is not very flattering to my head shape, so it will be back to the drawing board - again!

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