Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some horsey pics to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day

As it is Melbourne Cup Day here in Australia, I had to post some horse-related pictures!

Tudor Horse and Rider 
from: bloggingshakespeare.com

Portrait of Anne of Denmark with horse and hounds
1617 by Paul van Somer

from: http://thedreamstress.com/2012/08/rate-the-dress-anne-of-denmark-with-horse-and-hound/

There still some noticeably Elizabethan influences in Anne's garb, including the ruff and cuffs.

The Family of Henry VII with St George and the Dragon
The Royal Collection 2011/Bridgeman Art Library
from: https://www.artfinder.com/work/the-family-of-henry-vii-with-st-george-and-the-dragon/

Study of a horse for 'the Battle of Anghiari' by Leonardo da Vinci
The Royal Collection 2011/Bridgeman Art Library
from: https://www.artfinder.com/work/studies-of-horses-and-soldiers-for-the-battle-of-anghiari-leonar/

“Queen Margarita on Horseback” wearing La Peregrina, by Valasquez, 1634-35, Collection Prado Museum
from: http://timelessrhapsody.wordpress.com/2009/01/29/queen-mary-versus-elizabeth-taylor-la-peregrina/

(It is interesting to note how much this costume, painted in 1634-5, resembles Spanish costume of the 1590's, especially when compared to the Anne of Denmark portrait above.)

A Stallion

A horse and Elizabeth I on horseback, unattributed woodcuts or engravings

from:  http://www.elizabethan.org/compendium/87.html

"Queen Isabel on Horseback" wearing La Peregrina, by Valasquez
1634-35, Collection Prado Museum

from: http://www.karipearls.com/la-peregrina-pearl.html

A Costume Design for a Masquerader on Horseback by Leonardo da Vinci
The Royal Collection 
from: http://www.artinmuseum.com/a-costume-design-for-a-masquerader-on-horseback-leonardo-da-vinci/

The Funeral Procession of Elizabeth I
from: blog.londonconnection.com

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