Thursday, October 11, 2012


I haven't posted much lately because I have been unwell, and I have been struggling with my projects. One of the problems I have been having is with my hands, which are not working well. This has been making it difficult to get the embroidery for the 'Perfectly Period Pink' IRCC Challenge done on time.
Also, I tried on my blue front lacing dress and it looks pretty awful. I must have lost a lot of muscle tone during my recent illness because it is too big (! what a shock - that has NEVER happened before :-)  !) Now, it just looks sloppy.  (I am happy with the way it looks on the hanger.) That setback has made it hard to keep my motivation up to finish the complete outfit. I will get back into my regular exercise routine, keep plugging away at the Realm of Venus mini-Challenge, and hopefully, when I get back to the project it will look better on me.


  1. How disappointing to discover a fit problem after that much work. :( At least it's not too small? Good luck!