Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Completed banner device

Last week I finished the banner device that I had been working on. It is predominantly made of felt, with lucet cords and embroidery.

When it came to doing the harps or lyres, I ran into trouble. Originally I had planned to use a metal foil tube, but it started to catch on the felt fibres and pull out of shape. The banner that this device will be applied to gets rolled up, so it wasn't a practical choice.

Next, I tried sparkly glass bugle beads. Because the end of each bugle was slightly irregular, they didn't sit as neatly as I had hoped.

Finally, I tried small pieces of lucet cord. Although not shiny, they sat perfectly straight and could handle the stress of being rolled. The extra details were added with matching crochet cotton and cotton sewing thread embroidery.

Many thanks to Heather for whipping up the little lucet cords for me so quickly!

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